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Constant Current 300mA DC 3-14V 1-3W LED Driver Power Supply


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Compact Constant current 1-3W 300mAmp DC 9V-12V LED power supply / driver / transformer

  • The constant current LED Transformer/Driver is used to power DC voltage LED ceiling lights.
  •  100% Brand new and high quality
  •  LED driver transformer suitable for MR16 / MR11 /G4 and other
  •  Power: (1-3)W
  •  Input Voltage: AC 110V/230V
  •  Output Voltage: DC 9V-12V(Constant)

(1-3)W 250mAmp DC 9V-12V Compact Constant Current LED Power Supply / Driver / Transformer

This is a Smart switch power supply for converting AC 110V/220V to DC volts with a steady constant current output These transformers' output current is constant (it is 250mA for this transformer) and its DC output Volt varies according to its output power.

Technical information:

-Input Voltage: AC 110V/230V
-Output Voltage: DC 9V-12V
-Output Current: 300mA(5%) (Constant)
-Watts: (1-3)W
-IP rating: IP 20
-External casing: Constructed from polycarbonate


These Constant current transformers can be used for any device that requires a 300mA constant current. We stock a big range of constant current transformers that have different Voltage and Watts output Please check the required input Volts and Watts of the device to choose the right type of transformer.


CE & RoHS certification.


Safe for operating, with the fuse for protection, Automatic short circuit, overload, over-voltage, protection, over-temperature, and inrush current protection

Product dimensions:

Height: 22mm, Width: 32mm, Length: 65mm

Buy with peace of mind (3-year warranty)

Please Note: This Power Supply Unit hasn't included installation instruction, wiring cable, on/off switch, or screws.

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